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Ms. Rosen has served as a 7th Grade Student Services teacher in our district for the past 2 years. We are a relatively small district focused on child-centered, individualized programming in a full-inclusion environment.

In her tenure with our District, Ms. Rosen has demonstrated a strong willingness to take on responsibilities, and to work with students with a variety of special education needs. She has been invested in getting to know her students well, and advocating on their behalf through formal team meetings and in consultation with families and private providers. She has been a dedicated employee; coming in early, staying late, and working during the evenings and weekends to address emerging student needs.

She has collaborated well with her grade-level colleagues and always demonstrates a willingness to pitch-in to get the job done. She has accepted feedback from her supervisors, and has consistently demonstrated the ability and willingness to self-reflect with a growth mindset.

Carly was an active member of her grade level team and a participant on the special education team. In addition, Mrs. Rosen serves as a teacher leader on our Social Emotional Curriculum Committee. Mrs. Rosen is a hard worker with the best interest of her students at the center of all of her decisions. I have been most impressed with her advocacy and connections with her students.

Mrs. Rosen worked with students and families through some very challenging episodes in their educational experience. She facilitated conversations with outside providers and maintained communication with families consistently. Her collaboration with general education teachers and our counseling staff resulted in student progress throughout the year. Empathy is one of Mrs. Rosen’s greatest strengths. She is a tireless advocate for students, particularly the ones with learning challenges. She seeks to understand where they are coming from and then sets up systems for them to find success. During meetings, she is an active listener and encourages different perspectives to be part of the conversation. Carly Rosen is a dedicated and thoughtful educator who provides support and advocacy for her students.

Among Carly’s varied responsibilities, she has taught and supported students with learning and behavioral challenges, overseen teaching assistants in supporting students, and modified the general education curriculum to fit the needs of the students she has instructed. Additionally, she has collaborated with the grade-level and school-wide team members, supported students in general education classes, and provided instruction during resource periods. Mrs. Rosen’s plans and practice reflect extensive knowledge of special education practices. She is highly dedicated to honing her craft and recently became a Wilson Dyslexia Practitioner.

Mrs. Rosen seeks knowledge of students’ background, skills, interests and special needs, particularly for the students on her caseload. She coordinates and leads annual review and eligibility meetings with great skill, consistently providing timely and relevant information regarding each student and their specific needs. She writes comprehensive and thoughtful Individualized Education Plans, which evidence the depth with which she understands the needs of the students she educates. Mrs. Rosen has focused on increasing the independence of the students on her caseload, a skill integral to their current and future functioning in school and beyond. She has also supported students transitioning from therapeutic settings back to the general education school environment with great care and success.

I oversaw the special education compliance for our school, which Carly positively contributed to. I also worked with Carly for two years as part of the Leadership Advisory Committee. In the two years Carly, I was constantly impressed by her positive attitude, her work ethic, and her attention to detail. Carly’s strong organization and communication skills allowed her to develop productive working relationships with her colleagues and administration. She is incredibly dedicated to her students and is a strong advocate for their best interest, often going above and beyond.

She produced incredibly detailed individual education plans for her students and kept detailed progress notes. She was very collaborative with all team members and articulated her plan for each student to their parents in a clear and comprehensive way. She partnered with parents and encouraged their participation in their child’s education as well as including student voice in her planning. Carly is the teacher I would want for my children.

Our third grade classroom of 20 students had 15 typical students and 5 students identified as having special needs. Additionally, Carly worked with many students who were being referred for special education evaluations. There was a wide scope of academic and behavioral needs in the classrooms.

The students that Carly worked with had a variety of behavioral and academic needs. These needs included speech and language impairments, reading and math disabilities, ADHD, Autism, Tourette’s Syndrome and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. These students presented significant behavioral issues as well. Meeting the individual needs of her students was a priority for Carly. Carly reviewed the Individualized Education Plans for each of her students and developed instructional plans that reflected the individualized academic and behavioral goals. The activities that Carly planned actively engaged her students and kept them motivated and interested.

Carly is skillful at creating lessons and activities. When planning, Carly was always mindful of the various learning styles of her students and how lessons could be modified so that all students could successfully participate. Carly individualized many assignments and activities in order to provide students with learning opportunities that were appropriate for them.

Behavior management is also an area of strength for Carly. The students that Carly worked with required a high level of structure, routine and consistent expectations. Carly developed a caring but firm manner with these students. This manner contributed to her classroom management skills. The compassion and sensitivity that Carly has for her students is always evident and is demonstrated by her understanding of the needs of children. Carly truly enjoys her students and established an excellent rapport with them.